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video created and produced by members of the Authentic Relating NY community - Jennifer Padham and Maia Monasterios

Get to know her...


Creative Possibility-Seeing Lens on Life

      Organizational and logistical instincts of Martha Stewart (minus criminal history) 
              Hospitality and care of Julie McCoy from the Love Boat 


Amy has a background in theatre and music, operations, entrepreneurship, program development and management, event coordination, and leadership in education, personal growth and health/wellness.    Since 2012 her focus has been on community-building.   In that time, Amy has taught youth entrepreneurship and drama while concurrently building two thriving NY-based communities: The NY Community Choir and TheConnectionMovement (previously named Authentic Relating NY).   These experiences position her to confidently step into new opportunities with a focus on building community and culture, driving projects, and enriching inter-personal communication as well as professional development. She creatively brings people together in ways that generate new possibilities, connection, learning, depth, and growth.  



TheConnectionMovement is committed to reviving human connection with ourselves and each other.  We are a growing community of over 100 regularly active participants and 1000+ members of the greater community that share a commitment to deeper connection and richer communication in our lives.


An oasis and playground for connection, TheConnectionMovement meets 6-10 times per month in New York City.  Our get-togethers include social experiments, social gatherings, a deep and powerful inter-relational meditation practice called "Circling", and "Connection Labs" (structured activities that flex and engage our empathy, playfulness, listening, self-expression, and vulnerabilty).  The foundational principles and tools we engage with are inspired by the teachings of NonViolent Communication, Circling Europe, The Circling Institute, Authentic World, Ken Wilber's Integral Practices, and Creative Drama.


On Facebook   |     On Meetup



Connection Camp


Connection Camp is a summer camp-style experience for grown-ups, with a focus on fostering connection in all its forms – connection with self, other, nature, conection through play and through collaboration. With a variety of conscientiously-curated participatory workshops, individually-focused guided practices, playful camp activities, evening dance parties and campfire gatherings, and on-site health and wellness providers, Connection Camp offers more than a weekend getaway, a rustic retreat, or a chance to meet new people. It’s a radical opportunity for participants to get curious, get playful, get real, and get plugged into a vibrant sense of community.

From Friday, July 1st through Monday, July 4th, campers will call the Pocono Mountains home as we put our technology and work aside and say yes to the beauty of nature, deepening relationships, and unbridled play.  |  On Facebook

NY Community Choir


Our monthly Tuesday musical gatherings are a soulful and uplifting experience that’s designed to include anyone who loves to sing: shower singers and professionals alike. All the music we sing is uplifting, inspirational, motivational and soulful but the styles vary - gospel, folk, pop, theatre, and more.   We incorporate vocal training, choral singing, music meditation, community building, creative play, and musical improvisation in a supportive, non-judgmental environment.    We regularly head out to the streets/subways to share "Vocal Hugs" - an inspiring musical flash-mob choir and were thrilled to sing at the White House last Winter.  Our community of over 500 singing-lovers keeps growing as each week we welcome new faces.  |   On Facebook

Kids Do Biz


Now in its third year, I created the Kids Do Biz program to engage youth in entrepreneurship. 2nd to 5th Grade students are taught the foundations and facets of launching and operating their own business. Our first project was: Park Slope Pets (check out their website!). Next, students invented a new card game: "On Your Mark, Get Park, Slope!" and sold nearly 80 copies by pitching strangers on the street and selling in front of their school building. This year, they are writing "The Kids Guide To Fun In Park Slope" and have solicited coupons from local restaurants and businesses to include in their guidebook. It's been inspiring to see the impact of Kids Do Biz on the children, families, and their neighborhood community. 


Email:  kidsdobiz @

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